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On-Campus Internships

UTD | EXP is the On-Campus Internship Program that provides students opportunities to work and gain valuable experience on the UT Dallas campus. Departments offering these positions must be willing to provide verifiable learning outcomes, training and supervision for a quality internship experience. 

The University has provided on-campus employment to its students for many years. The internships offered through UTD | EXP differ significantly from most other student employment positions on-campus. They are specifically designed to provide professional knowledge and skill development consistent with the student’s major/career goals. Examples of departments providing internship opportunities may include: human resources, admissions, marketing and communications, media, event planning, research, administration, information technology, training, sustainability, counseling, student activities, athletics, recreation and business.

Difference between Student Assistant and Intern 

Student Assistant


Completes basic tasks that are important to the department, but require minimal training and supervision. Typically, can be completed within a day/week. 

Completes projects meaningful to the department and their career path. Projects require creativity and critical thinking. They may also take weeks/months to complete. 

Students gain work experience that may or may not be relevant to the career they wish to pursue. Regardless they build transferable skills. 

Provides student a practical experience that relates to their chosen field. The student also receives valuable networking and professional development opportunities. 

Student workers complete hours as needed and participate in periodic evaluations. Students are limited to working a maximum of 20 hours.  

Interns are hired for an extended number of mutually agreed upon hours, up to 40. They participate in career related activities and complete specific learning outcomes. They receive a cumulative evaluation.  


Can students participate in the UTD | EXP program without requesting academic credit?

Yes, registered students who are not necessarily seeking academic credit are able to participate in this program. If a student would prefer to participate in the internship experience for transcript notation only, they are more than welcome to do so. Transcript notation is an official note on the UT Dallas academic transcript that shows a student has completed an internship experience.

Are students hired mid-semester, throughout the year, or only at the beginning of each semester?

Students are able to be hired as on-campus interns year-round, however, if a student wishes to receive academic credit, they must adhere to the academic guidelines and registration deadlines set forth by the UT Dallas academic calendar.

What is the minimum length of an internship if the student is not receiving academic credit?

All internship experiences must last a minimum of 80 work hours regardless of designation.

Which pay code will Payroll use to differentiate between student employment and internships?

Students who are selected to participate in the on-campus internship program will have ePARs documented under code S09998 for administrative and payroll purposes. 

Is there any standard pay scale for on-campus internships?

Students participating in the on-campus internship program must be paid, however departments have full discretion over the wage given the project and/or applicable experience of the student. Pay must meet federal and state minimum wage standards.

How do students report their on-campus internship for credit or transcript notation?

Please refer to our Reporting an Internship page for complete instructions on reporting via Handshake.

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