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Hiring a Student Employee


Handshake is the University Career Center’s online recruiting platform. As an on-campus employer, you will need a Handshake account in order to post jobs and recruit students. Follow this guide to learn how to create an account.

Posting a Position

All on-campus hourly (S09996 and S09997) student jobs MUST be posted via Handshake, and all Research and Teaching Assistant positions will be managed by Human Resources. Departments should use the How to Post a Student Employment Position guide as a tool to assist in creating job postings. If the department contact does not have a Handshake account, they can use the How to Create a Handshake Account guide for instructions. The University of Texas at Dallas is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, pregnancy, age, veteran status, genetic information or sexual orientation.

Hiring Process for On Campus Departments

The Student Employment Office (SEO) is dedicated to making sure all new hires are authorized to work as efficiently and expediently as possible. To accomplish this, it is crucial to have awareness of the overall process involved in hiring a student employee. Departments should set realistic expectations with their student employees and additional staff in regard to the processing times for hiring a student worker or student assistant.

Steps in the current hiring process are summarized below with best practices and supplemental information included:

1 – Post Position in Handshake

All student assistant positions must be posted in Handshake for equal opportunity access. Please see the section above for more information on how to post a job in Handshake.

2 – Recruit & Interview Students

Departments are able to interview and recruit students in a manner that best fits their specific function and role on campus. As long as the practices in the screening process are considered in line with EEO standards, the department will choose its finalists for any open positions they have.

3 – Submit Hiring Proposal E-Form

The e-form is our digitized hiring proposal form that is used to finalize a hiring request submission to our team. Once received, notifications will be sent via with corresponding information. Please make sure all information is accurate before submitting. Rejected hiring proposal requests will be returned for editing/corrections if necessary.

Important: Please make sure your Start and End Dates are accurate. They are the intended starting and ending date for the position. Please do not put the same date for start and end date. This delays processing because we must confirm the dates of each assignment requested.

It is important to remember that positions are only offered to currently enrolled students. If you have a student that is interested in participating in on campus student employment, please verify that they are enrolled in classes currently. If a student does not meet the basic eligibility requirements for hiring, your department will receive our New Hire Denial Notice with associated details.

Post Hiring Process

After receipt of the hiring proposal and verification of employment eligibility, the SEO performs the below steps to ensure your students are hired as expediently as possible:

Criminal Background Check

New-hire students must complete a background check as is required for all University of Texas at Dallas employees. The student will receive an invite (via email) to complete their criminal background check online courtesy of our vendor, HireRight. Please inform the student to complete the background check at their earliest convenience.

Background check completion invitations are sent by

Offer Letter

Once a student has completed their background check, the SEO will send an email formally communicating the terms of the job. All department contacts listed on the e-form hiring proposal will be copied on the offer letter email. Students will not be granted appointments for completing paperwork without their acceptance of employment documented in writing via response to the offer letter email. 

Departments can most certainly communicate intent to hire a student ahead of time informally, but the email from SEO will be considered the formal offer.

If the criminal background check is returned with items found, the report is sent to Human Resources and UTD Police to verify whether or not the student will be allowed to participate in on campus employment. Results do not guarantee exclusion from participating in on-campus employment.

New Hire Paperwork and University Onboarding

The job offer email will include instructions for the student to schedule an appointment to complete their new-hire paperwork. Students must complete their paperwork to receive proper work authorization on or before the first day of work, as indicated in the job offer email.

Students may not begin work until employment eligibility has been verified by the student employment team. Once complete, the student employment team will send an Onboarding Confirmation email to the student and department contacts, indicating the student may begin work as scheduled.


Upon completion of new-hire paperwork, the Payroll Office will initiate an Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) based on all the documentation sent by the SEO for the new hire candidate. If the student is changing roles but has worked on campus before, (referred to as a rehire), the hiring department should initiate a rehire ePAR with Student Employment Team authorization. Departments will receive a Rehire Notice email from the SEO if the student is found to have prior work authorization during the employment eligibility screening process. It is not necessary for rehired students to go back through the new hire paperwork process. Major documentation updates and requests for I-9 recertification are handled by contacting

The Payroll department receives a student’s new hire packet from the SEO and will initiate the new hire ePAR.

  • Online timesheets will be made available after the ePAR has completed the approval cycle and the student’s information has been confirmed in PeopleSoft.
  • Time Admins must assign new hires a timesheet manager. They will receive a notification when the student is able to be assigned to someone in the department.
  • After a timesheet manager has been assigned, students will have access to timesheets and may begin recording hours worked. Please note: Students will not have immediate access to timesheets after on-boarding is complete. It can take up to 14 business days after paperwork is complete before timesheets are viewable in Galaxy. Students should keep track of the days and hours they have worked to enter that information on their timesheet when it becomes available.
  • For additional information from Payroll, including instructions and deadlines please see their website here:
New Employee Orientation

All newly hired student employees at UTD are required to attend a paid New Employee Orientation (NEO) session within 30 days of beginning their assignments. Our NEO sessions are designed to provide our student assistants with base-level training focused on general student employee expectations and familiarizing with university history, organizational structure and culture helps create a more informed and welcomed workforce.

After being successfully onboarded with the Student Employment Office, students are sent a direct invite via Handshake to attend upcoming sessions in accordance with their schedule and availability. There are typically 3 sessions offered at varying times per month.

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